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Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, I offer individuals a way to improve their health and become more fit through gradual changes and cultivating a positive health-conscious lifestyle that leads to permanent weight loss for life.

Burke Personal Training

Do you struggle with weight loss? Have you struggled with healthy eating and fitness goals in the past?

Diets that seem to go so well at first, but burn out before they even really begin?

Lose, gain, relose, regain weight? Nothing seems to work? Is the whole idea of what to eat and how to workout confusing?

    A new way to count calories?

I’m here to help with that! If the whole process seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. Most people feel confused when starting their fitness journey, and without the tools they need to be successful, they often fail to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle that get them to their goals, be it losing weight, increasing muscle mass, or improved athletic performance.

The diet industry has led us to believe that there is a ‘secret’ to weight loss – there isn’t. There are a lot of people making a lot of money trying to sell you a new way to lose weight. They’re lying to you.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it requires changing things about the way you eat for good, not just for a 30-day challenge. It doesn’t involve depriving yourself of any particular type of food while dieting. All that does is make you crave that even more than you did before! The ‘quick fix’ dieting that we are sold every day don’t work. If they did, we wouldn’t have so many people with weight issues in America.

There is only one thing that works. Really. And we’ve known how to lose (and gain) weight for years. You probably are aware of it, too.

Its not low-carb, or high-carb, or low-fat, or high-fat…you need to use more energy than you take in through food. Its that simple. Moving more and eating less. You absolutely cannot get around that if you want to lose weight and not put it back on. Simple, but difficult.

The key is doing so gradually – they’re not called ‘crash diets’ for no reason. With a little guidance and some extra accountability, you can make changes to your lifestyle that don’t have to consume your life or leave you constantly thinking about your next meal. You don’t need to spend 5 hours a week in the gym. You don’t need to give up on your favorite dessert, or drinks after work occasionally.

Gradual lifestyle changes are sustainable. Radical ones are not. I don’t offer a get-thin-quick plan. That doesn’t work. I offer sustainable weight loss that will get you to your goal weight, and you will be able to maintain that weight indefinitely.

How many times have you looked back a year and found yourself forty pounds lighter? What about twenty, or even ten? Have you gone to the gym and not gotten the results you were hoping for?

That’s where I can help. My in-person and online training services can help you feel comfortable eating healthy and get real results from your time in the gym. We’re all busy and working out is hard enough as it is – trying to figure out what you should be doing makes it even more unappealing. I’ve got that end of it for you. I will write up every workout for you so all you have to do is get them done and go on with your day. Through the process and our interactions, you will begin to learn how to integrate fitness and healthy eating into your lifestyle in a way that will work for you without you having to worry about it.

Here’s the catch: you have to do the work. You have to do the workouts I give you and take the nutrition advice seriously. If you do, I can guarantee that you will see the results you’re looking for.

All I ask is that you do your part. If you don’t have access to a gym (or just don’t like the gym), don’t like running, have an injury, or just don’t have much time, I can work with that. I’m here to make fitness work for you and help you become a fitter, stronger, healthier version of yourself.

The choice is yours. Check out About Me page to learn a little more about who I am, and my Training page for more information on packages I offer.

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