About Me

The population I specialize in is weight loss and health improvement. I know many people who have struggled with their weight, and have found a way that is sustainable and produces outcomes where traditional diet schemes fail. As a military veteran, I also offer discounted rates to members of our military, veterans, as well as designing fitness plans to prepare new recruits for military service. Just starting out in a new sport? Want to try to a 5k or even a marathon? Signed up for a Tough Mudder or Spartan race and have no idea where to start? Getting back into a sport after some time off? I can help you with all of that. Send me a message!

2018 Thunderbird Road Race, USAFA, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m in the white helmet.

Sean Burke is a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. He is a graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he was a member of one the nation’s top triathlon teams. He has been successful in triathlon, winning his age group at Winter Triathlon National Championships and various wins in road cycling races. Other hobbies he enjoys are rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, hanging out with his dog, watching TV (It’s Always Sunny, Law and Order, Workaholics), and helping his girlfriend with her plant collection.

After four years in the Marine Corps, he decided to move back to Colorado, where he would continue his fitness journey while going back to school. He has participated in mountaineering, weight lifting, cycling, running, crossfit, triathlon, rock/ice climbing, hiking, and team sports, among other activities, and would love to help you develop and enhance your abilities in your particular sport, or help discover a love of a new sport that can enhance your fitness journey and get you excited about being active.

2018 Steamboat Springs Stage Race, Stage 3. Photo Credit: BAP! Inc. Facebook

His own weight loss journey has influenced how he helps clients. As a child, he struggled with his weight until high school, where he finally left a sedentary lifestyle full of unhealthy food choices and pursued a more active lifestyle, eventually leading him to join the Marine Corps.

My training philosophy has been heavily influenced by his own life. After watching so many people go down the route of ‘quick results through extreme methods’ that has only gotten more and popular in our society, and watching so many fail at maintaining the results they initially get, I decided that I needed to offer something for the vast majority of people who have been failed by these methods. My guiding principle is not immediate results, but sustainable results. I look at the ‘quick fix’ in fitness like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – the results just do not add up to the promises. And we know they don’t! If there was a ‘quick fix’ to being overweight, 2 out of 3 Americans wouldn’t be overweight or obese. Real results require time, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to making changes to your lifestyle that you don’t get to give up on after a 30-day-challenge. For more information on my training philosophy, check out some of the articles I have written about nutrition and training.

Sean is available to be scheduled by appointment for online and in-person personal training, couples training, small group training, and consultations. He can work with you for anything from weight loss to goal setting to improving athletic performance. Please use the contact form to send a message for more information.