Personal Training

I offer two primary forms of training: Online and in-person. For new clients, I offer a complimentary 30-minute session at your home or online. Send me a message to schedule this today!

Online Training

For online training, communication occurs between us in a 1-on-1 setting primarily through Skype, text messaging, phone calls, email, and video recordings. I offer plans with varying levels of interaction, from weekly communication if you are a self starter who just wants a program and a little guidance to achieve your goals, to daily interactions if you need a little more help.

Prices – All prices are based on 60-minute sessions either over the phone or through Skype or Google Hangouts. All include a personalized workout plan that can be made for gym workouts, an apartment fitness center, outdoors, or even at home. I bill all plans monthly, starting on the 1st (first month is prorated based on how many sessions are left in the month)

1x/Week – $150/month
2x/Week – $250/month
3x/Week – $325/month
5x/Week – $525/month

I also offer individual consultation appoints that you can schedule in 30- or 60-minute sessions, if you need just a little guidance on proper form (through video analysis or in-person), nutrition and fitness guidance, programming your own workouts, or whatever else you may need some help with that you can’t quite figure out on your own. This service is great for those who have experienced a slowing or stop in progress and would like to continue getting stronger or losing more weight. $50/hour for individual consultations. Have a variable schedule? Send me a message and we can discuss it!

In-Person Training

I also offer in-person training for those in Denver/Fort Collins/Cheyenne areas. I am available to meet outdoors, at your home, a public gym or another way that works for you. I offer weekly meetings where we can go over proper exercise form and provide guidance for following a prescribed fitness regimen, as well as reviewing food logs while providing advice to improve your diet. I prefer to start out with new clients on a more frequent schedule, especially for those new to fitness, and progress to a less frequent schedule as you become more autonomous in your fitness journey.

Prices – Due to travel requirements, in-person training is slightly more expensive than online training. I can also do a mix of online and in-person training for those that desire it.

1x/Week – $200/month
2x/Week – $325/month
3x/Week – $450/month
5x/Week – $675/month

Additional Services

I also can help with other fitness-related things – setting proper fitness goals that can help you achieve your ideal outcomes, run training for a 5k to a marathon, help with preparing for a obstacle-course race (like Spartan or Tough Mudder), sport specific training programs and off-season strength and conditioning programs, bodybuilding programs, injury prevention and couple and small group training.

Looking to implement a workplace fitness program? I can come to your office or place of business and help facilitate group workouts, healthy eating advice and get your employees living healthier, active, lives, and most importantly, getting them to stick with it.

Scheduling and Payment

Soon we will be integrating scheduling right from this site – there will be a page where you can view my open sessions and schedule and pay right from there! Stay tuned the new few weeks while we work the technological side of that out… Until then, scheduling can be done through email or a phone call with me, and payment through cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle. Send me a message with your name, email, and a little bit about your fitness goals and we can find a plan that will work for you!!